Sight Seen : Honeymoon In Bali - Yeh Pulu

Bali - Yeh Pulu

Amidst beautiful rice-terrace vistas, a man having his hand munched by a boar is one of the scenes on the 25m-long carved cliff face known as Yeh Pulu, believed to be a hermitage from the late 14th century. Even if your interest in carved Hindu art is minor, this site is quite lovely and rarely will you have much company. From the entrance, it’s a 300m lush, tropical walk to Yeh Pulu.

Apart from the figure of Ganesha, the elephant-headed son of Shiva, most of the scenes deal with everyday life, although the position and movement of the figures suggests that it could be read from left to right as a story. One theory is that they are events from the life of Krishna, the Hindu god.

You can walk between the sites, following small paths through the paddy fields, but you might need to pay a local to guide you. By car or bicycle, look for the signs to ‘Relief Yeh Pulu’ or ‘Villa Yeh Pulu’, east of Goa Gajah.