Sight Seen : Honeymoon In Bali - Benoa Beach

Bali - Benoa Beach

Bali's Tanjung Benoa beach sits north of the Nusa Dua enclave of resorts - sort of a more affordable neighborhood within tee-off range of the famous (or infamous, depending on your perspective) gated property that houses some of the most exclusive names in the resort business.

Tanjung Benoa is nowhere near as antiseptic as Nusa Dua, but it's nowhere near as rowdy nor as downmarket as Kuta, either. The area vibe is more mature and family-friendly - surfers tend to steer clear of Tanjung Benoa's sedate waves, leaving the waters clear for kayaks, jetskis, parasailers, and banana boats.

The Grand Mirage sits in front of a particularly active section of the beach; the resort offers its own selection of watersports activities to take advantage of the location.