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Zurich - st peters church

The church tower and the nave of St. Peter do not have the same owner: Until the French Revolution the tower belonged to the former city republic of Zürich, since 1803 to the city of Zürich. Belfry and bells belong to the Reformed Church of the canton of Zürich, as well as the staircase leading to the tower.
The church tower was primarily used for fire police duties, and 1340 AD the first fire guard was set in duty. In the pre- and early Romanesque area, St. Peter had no church tower, i.e. the first massive three-storey tower was built in early 13th century AD. The first floor with Romanesque ribbed vault dates back to that period. In 1450 the tower was increased to 64 metres (210 ft) (as of today) and a pitched (helmet) roof was attached. That 24 metres (79 ft) high part of the tower was in 1996 re-covered with 42,000 larch shingles from the Engadine valley,since then being the only wooden roof in Zürich.