Sight Seen : Fun filed Thailand With Flight - Suan Pakkad Palace Museum

Bangkok - Suan Pakkad Palace Museum

An overlooked treasure, Suan Pakkad is a collection of eight traditional wooden Thai houses that was once the residence of Princess Chumbon of Nakhon Sawan and before that a lettuce farm (in Thai, Suan Pakkad means 'lettuce farm'). Within the stilt buildings are displays of art, antiques and furnishings, and the landscaped grounds are a peaceful oasis complete with ducks, swans and a semi-enclosed garden.

The diminutive Lacquer Pavilion, at the back of the complex, dates from the Ayuthaya period and features gold-leaf Jataka and Ramayana murals, as well as scenes from daily Ayuthaya life. The building originally sat in a monastery compound on Mae Nam Chao Phraya, just south of Ayuthaya. Larger residential structures at the front of the complex contain displays of Khmer-style Hindu and Buddhist art, Ban Chiang ceramics and a very interesting collection of historic Buddhas, including a beautiful late U Thong–style image.