Sight Seen : Jaldapara Lataguri Tour - Elephant Safari

Lataguri - Elephant Safari

The major attraction of Jaldapara National Park is the Elephant Safari. Scope for elephant safari in Jaldpara Wildlife Sanctuary is really very limited but if you love wild life and passionate about jungles, elephant safari is a must do thing when you are in Jaldpara forest. The scope of spotting wild animals is much better in elephant safari compared to jeep safari and it is really a thrilling & adventurous way to feel the fun of jungles. An elephant takes you deep inside the forest where a jeep or vehicle won,t be able to take you. The elephant passes through the dense woods, crosses the water streams, and takes you close to a one horned Rhino or a Bison. It is an awesome feeling and sight when you see a leopard at a few meters distance or a Chital feeding her baby. Elephant safari is the best way to explore the sanctuary. The safari begins early in the morning and should be booked early; its availability in high season cannot be guaranteed. Safari starts from the Tourist Lodge at Madarihat and the maximum number of people allowed for this safari is four.