Sight Seen : Marhaba Dubai Tour - Al Ahmadiya School

Dubai - Al Ahmadiya School

Dubai's first public primary school was founded by the pearl merchant Sheikh Ahmed bin Dalmouk and welcomed its first pupils (all boys) in 1912. Decades later, Dubai's current ruler, Sheikh Mohammed, was among those who squeezed behind the wooden desks to learn the Holy Quran, grammar, Arabic calligraphy, mathematics, literature and astronomy. The classroom is still there today but overall exhibits are pretty basic, explanations meagre and the audiovisual components often not working.
However, the building itself is lovely. Note the exquisite detail, especially the intricate carving within the courtyard arches, the heavy ornamented doors and the decorative gypsum panels outside the entrance. It remained in use as a school until the student body outgrew the premises in 1963.