Sight Seen : Rajasthan - A Royal Treat - Gaumukh Temple

Mount Abu - Gaumukh Temple

Down off the road to Abu Road, 8km south of Mt Abu town, a small stream flows from the mouth of a marble cow, giving this shrine its name (gaumukh means cow’s mouth). There’s also a marble figure of the Nandi (Shiva’s bull). Legend tells that the tank here, Agni Kund, was the site of the yagna (sacrificial fire) made by the sage Vasishta, from which were born the four Agnivanshi (Fire-Born) Rajput clans.

The shrine has an image of Vasishta flanked by figures of Rama and Krishna.

To reach the temple you must take a path of 750 steps down into the valley – and then trudge those same 750 steps back up again.