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Genting - chin swee caves temple

The Chin Swee Caves Temple is a Taoist temple in Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia. The Chin Swee Caves Temple is situated in the most scenic site of Genting Highlands. Within the Temple is seated a statue of Qingshui, a Buddhist monk who has long been referred to as a deity in Fujian province, China for his supernatural abilities to summon rain and drive away evil spirits. The Temple attracts many local and foreign devotees from Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand and China. The Chin Swee Caves Temple is situated on a 28-acre plot of rocky forested land donated by Genting Group founder the late Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Lim Goh Tong. Located 4,600 feet above sea level, the Temple is about 5–10 minutes’ drive down from the peak of the mountain.The Temple’s first stage of development, costing an estimated RM12 million, is made up of an imposing traditional structure. It has tall red columns supporting an ornamental roof. The exterior wall carries many inscriptions that depict the life of the Reverend Chin Swee and his major charitable and supernatural works. Within the Temple, the statue of the Reverend Chin Swee placed in accordance with fengshui principles is seated at the northern part of the main hall with his face looking south. Behind the statue is a natural rock in a man-made flowing stream. The rock gives the necessary support to the statue while the stream provides clear cool mineral water throughout the year. This water has been named ‘Dragon Mineral Water’.