Flights To Leh - Plan Your Holiday

Leh, the largest town in the union territory of Ladakh, is a high-altitude desert city situated in the northernmost region of India. Known for its breathtaking landscapes, ancient monasteries, and vibrant culture, Leh is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts and spiritual seekers. Nestled in the Himalayas, the city offers stunning views and unique experiences, from trekking and mountaineering to exploring Buddhist heritage.

Key Attractions in Leh

  1. Leh Palace: A former royal palace offering panoramic views of the city and the surrounding mountains.
  2. Shanti Stupa: A white-domed stupa located on a hilltop, known for its stunning architecture and serene atmosphere, offering beautiful views of the sunrise and sunset.
  3. Thiksey Monastery: One of the largest and most impressive monasteries in Ladakh, resembling the Potala Palace of Lhasa.
  4. Hemis Monastery: The wealthiest and one of the most famous monasteries in Ladakh, known for its annual Hemis Festival.
  5. Nubra Valley: A picturesque valley with sand dunes, double-humped Bactrian camels, and stunning landscapes.
  6. Pangong Lake: A high-altitude lake known for its crystal-clear blue waters and breathtaking scenery, featured in several Bollywood films.
  7. Khardung La Pass: One of the highest motorable roads in the world, offering spectacular views and thrilling driving experiences.
  8. Magnetic Hill: A gravity hill known for its optical illusion that makes vehicles appear to roll uphill against gravity.

Nearby Cities and Attractions

Leh's strategic location in Ladakh makes it an excellent base for exploring nearby cities and attractions.

1. Kargil (210 km from Leh)

  • Drass War Memorial: A memorial commemorating the soldiers who lost their lives during the Kargil War.
  • Suru Valley: Known for its lush green landscapes and views of the Nun-Kun peaks.
  • Mulbekh Monastery: Famous for its 9-meter tall rock sculpture of Maitreya Buddha.

2. Tso Moriri (240 km from Leh)

  • Tso Moriri Lake: A high-altitude lake offering stunning views and a tranquil environment, ideal for bird watching.
  • Korzok Monastery: An ancient monastery located on the banks of Tso Moriri, adding to the spiritual ambiance of the area.

3. Alchi (70 km from Leh)

  • Alchi Monastery: Known for its ancient wall paintings and intricate wood carvings, it is one of the oldest monasteries in Ladakh.
  • Likir Monastery: Famous for its large statue of Maitreya Buddha and stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

4. Lamayuru (125 km from Leh)

  • Lamayuru Monastery: One of the oldest and largest monasteries in Ladakh, set amidst a dramatic moonscape-like terrain.
  • Moonland: A unique landscape near Lamayuru that resembles the surface of the moon, ideal for photography.

Getting to Leh from Various Cities

Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport (IXL) in Leh is well-connected to major cities across India, though flights are often subject to weather conditions due to the high altitude.

By Flight

Here are some flight options from key cities:

  1. From Delhi
    • Direct Flights: Multiple airlines, including IndiGo, Air India, and Vistara, offer direct flights. The flight duration is approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.
  2. From Mumbai
    • Direct Flights: Seasonal direct flights are available with airlines such as GoAir and Air India. The flight duration is around 3 to 3.5 hours.
  3. From Bangalore
    • Connecting Flights: Several airlines, including IndiGo and Air India, provide connecting flights via Delhi. The total travel time is about 4 to 5 hours.
  4. From Chennai
    • Connecting Flights: Airlines like IndiGo and Air India offer connecting flights via Delhi. The total travel time is approximately 4.5 to 5.5 hours.
  5. From Kolkata
    • Connecting Flights: Multiple airlines, including IndiGo and Air India, operate connecting flights via Delhi. The total travel time is around 4 to 5 hours.

By Road

  • Manali-Leh Highway: A popular route for adventure enthusiasts, this highway opens from June to September and offers a thrilling journey with breathtaking views.
  • Srinagar-Leh Highway: Another scenic route that is open from May to October, providing access through the Zoji La Pass.

Best Time to Visit Leh

The best time to visit Leh is during the summer months, from May to September, when the weather is most pleasant and the roads are accessible.

  1. Summer (May to September): Pleasant weather with temperatures ranging from 15°C to 30°C, ideal for sightseeing and outdoor activities.
  2. Winter (October to April): Cold with temperatures ranging from -5°C to 15°C. While this is not the peak tourist season, winter offers unique experiences like the Chadar Trek on the frozen Zanskar River.


Leh, with its stunning landscapes, ancient monasteries, and unique cultural experiences, offers a journey like no other. Its proximity to other captivating destinations like Kargil, Tso Moriri, Alchi, and Lamayuru makes it a perfect hub for exploring the diverse and breathtaking region of Ladakh. Whether you are arriving by flight or embarking on an adventurous road trip, Leh promises a journey filled with natural beauty, adventure, and a deep connection to the spiritual and cultural heritage of the Himalayas.

FAQ's on Leh to Flights

Q). What are the top airlines fly to Leh ? A: SpiceJet, IndiGo and Vistara are the top airlines with non-stop flights to Leh.

Q). What airports will I be using from Leh? A: You will take off from Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport. This will depend on the airline you are taking and its routing.

Q). Which is a low-cost carrier to Leh? A: SpiceJet and IndiGo Airlines comes up to be the cheapest on the route and offers direct flights.