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What is Web Check-in?

We all wish to avoid the long queues, and web check-in services help us do the same. It saves a lot of time. Once you book your Air India flight ticket, you can do the check-in online, at least 24-48 hours before your flight departure. The best part about web check-in is that it can be done from anywhere and at any time within the web check-in deadline. Select the seat of your choice and book other additional amenities for your journey. Do your Air India web check-in to receive the boarding pass on your registered email and phone number. You can print your boarding pass at the airport kiosk or any time before you leave for the airport.

Steps to Do Online Air India Web Check-in

To do your Air India web check-in, log on to either Air India's official website or website. The process is straightforward and short.

To do web check-in through Air India website, go to the homepage and click on "Manage Your Trip". Of all the options available, click on "web check-in" tab. Now, add your Booking Reference number, your flight date and departure airport. Afterwards, select the seat and services you want. The website shows the airline's T&C's. After reading, agree to them and submit your form. Your boarding pass will be sent on the registered phone number and email ID.

For doing web check-in through Travel Suvidha website or the app, log in to your Travel Suvidha account, go to the web check-in option and add your booking ID or PNR number. After this, you can select your seat and add any other services which you wish to book. Agree to the T&C's of the airlines and submit your details. Your boarding pass will be sent on your email ID or registered phone number.

On the day of flying, check your Air India flight status before leaving for the airport.

When to Web Check-in online?

Web check-in for Air India can be done any time between 48 hours to 2 hours before the departure of your flight. Web check-in for some flights like Dubai to Chennai, Delhi to Mumbai, Delhi to Hyderabad and many more can be done 54 hours before the flight departure. You can check the airline's website for your particular destination.

Baggage Drop Off at The Airport

Web check-in doesn't provide you leverage for arriving later than the baggage drop off time. You need to reach the baggage counters before they close, i.e. 45 minutes for Domestic flights and 60 minutes for International flights. Once you deposit your bags at the counter, you are free for security check and boarding. In case you are travelling with handbag only, you can directly move for security check.

Air India Flight Boarding

Air India is a Domestic Airline and has a strict deadline for flight boarding. The check-in deadline for the Air India domestic flights is 45 minutes before the departure while for international flights it is 60 minutes before the departure.

Web Check-in restrictions

Unaccompanied minor passengers or passengers who have visual or hearing impairments need to check-in at the airport only. If someone requests for a wheelchair or stretcher, then also they are required to do the check-in at the airport only.

FAQs about Air India Web Checkin

Q. What are the important guidelines for air travel in Air India Flights? A. Air India is now operating on all domestic and international flights for limited routes. Air India has updated travel advisory for air travel during Covid 19. Only Nationals from destintion country are being permitted entry, please read the Travel advisory for complete details

Q. What will be not allowed in Air India Flights during air travel? A. For safety concern Newspapers/magazines and food items will not be allowed in Air India Flights

Q. What information is needed for web check-in? A. For Air India web-check-in, you are required to provide the following information: For E-ticket/booking reference -

  • PNR/Booking Reference Number
  • Last Name

Q. How many passengers can web check-in at one go? A. Air India allows a maximum of nine passengers to web check-in at a time.

Q. How to web check-in for domestic flights? A. To web check-in for domestic flights, simply log on to the Air India website. Look for ‘Manage Your Trip’ and under this section, select web check-in. Next, you have to provide your E-Ticket Number (Booking Reference) or Frequent Flyer Card Number. If you choose E-Ticket Number, then type:

  • PNR/Booking Reference Number
  • Last Name

Continue to follow the procedure and once your seat is confirmed, you will find a ‘Print Boarding Pass’ prompt. If your device is connected to a printer, you can take the print out right away.

Q. How to web check-in for international flights? A. To web check-in for international flights, simply log on to the Air India website. Then look for ‘Manage Your Trip’ and in this section, select web check-in. Next, you have to provide your E-Ticket Number (Booking Reference) or Frequent Flyer Card Number. If you choose E-Ticket Number, then type:

  • PNR/Booking Reference Number
  • Last Name

Thereby, you will be issued a confirmation slip, which you need to produce at a dedicated counter at the airport during the time of completion of the check-in formalities. This confirmation slip will contain your name, flight number, etc. along with the seat number which has been allocated to you.

Note: Passengers travelling Ex-Dubai would be issued an E-boarding card, which is required to be printed and submitted at the check-in counter and the boarding gate.

Q. How many hours before departure can web check-in be done? A. For domestic departure, you can web check-in between 48 hours to 60 minute and international flights web check-in between 48 hours to 2 hours prior to scheduled time of departure. However, there are some flights for which you can web check-in up to 54 hours before the scheduled departure.

Q. Is web check-in meant for everyone? A. If you’re an unaccompanied minor or have special requests like a wheelchair, you cannot access web check-in facility. Only passengers with a confirmed booking, without any special prerequisite provision, can avail of web check-in service. Also, web check-in is not available for passengers travelling from Dhaka and other Code Share flights.

Q. How to avail extra leg space? A. You can book your preferred seat via web check-in on every single route for a nominal price through the ‘Preferred Seat’ option, depending on availability. Emergency seats are not allocated to:

  • Pregnant women/passenger(s) travelling with infant(s)
  • Passengers above 65 years of age
  • Passengers with disabilities/medical conditions
  • Passengers below 15 years of age

Q. How to get the boarding pass after web check-in? A. Once your seat is confirmed via web check-in, your boarding pass will be sent to your email address. Please carry a print out of your boarding pass to the airport.

Q. What happens if the boarding pass can’t be printed during web check-in? A. If you’re unable to take a print out of your boarding pass, you can get it done at the self check-in kiosks also known as ‘Common Use Self Service’ (CUSS) at the airport

Q. Can web check-in be done with luggage? A. Yes, web check-in can be done with luggage. However, you are required to reach the counter well in time to deposit your checked-in baggage for tagging.

Q. How many types of Air India check-ins are available? A. Apart from web check-in, the following Air India check-ins are available:

  • Mobile Check-in: Passengers can mobile check-in from their mobile device if they visit the website of Air India or download the apps on their smart phones, select their seats for a nominal fee and e-mail their e-boarding passes.
  • Kiosk Check-in: Passengers with e-tickets can kiosk check-in at airports with kiosk facilities to generate their own boarding passes and proceed to security check.
  • Tele-Check-in: Passengers can call the Air India Call Center or the Reservation and Ticketing Office to tele check-in and choose their preferred seats but the boarding passes have to be collected from the airport counter.

Q. How early does one need to reach the airport after web check-in? A. If you do not have check-in luggage, you are required to arrive at the airport counter at least 60 minutes (in case of international routes) and 45 minutes (in case of domestic routes) before departure.Note: In case of passengers travelling ex-Dubai, check-in counters are available for the completion of all the check-in formalities and these counters close 60 minutes before departure. You are required to reach the airport at least 90 minutes prior to departure to complete your check-in formalities.

Q. Is it important to carry an ID even after web check-in? A. Yes, even after web check-in, passengers are required to carry a valid photo ID card along with the copy of E-ticket/boarding pass to enter the airport.

Q. Do frequent flyers get any benefits during web check-in? A.No, frequent flyers do not get any extra benefit from web check-in.

Q. Can web check-in be cancelled? A.Yes, you can De-Check-In only at the airport by the airline staff. You may also contact the call centre for any assistance.

Q. Can web check-in be done through Travel Suviidha? A. Yes, web check-in can be done through

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