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Book Cheap Air Tickets

Looking to fly at discounted rates? Look no further than Travel Suvidha which is your haven for cheap flight tickets. Travel Suvidha believes in making flights available to all, cutting across budget and preferences. You can book cheap flights on at any time of the year, for it runs attractive deals and discounts on flight booking, offering you more reasons to travel. You can look up cheap air tickets to a destination of your choice, whether travelling for holiday or business.

Deals and Discounts on Cheap Air Tickets

If you are someone who plans his travels only when there is a cheap flight available on your desired route, then you are bound to find endless reasons to travel with Travel Suvidha. Travel Suvidha brings out attractive flat-rate discounts on flight bookings on payment with specific bank cards which could range from HDFC bank, Axis bank, Standard Chartered bank, Yes bank, ICICI bank among others. There is an opportunity to redeem your eCash and also enjoy attractive cashback offers. You can get a discount on your flight booking by paying with an e-wallet like Paytm or Mobikwik. All offers that Travel Suvidha runs, including festive season offers and long weekend offers, come with a coupon code. You need to enter the said code while making your flight booking to avail the offer. Holders of Standard Chartered or HDFC credit cards too are offered lucrative flat-rate discounts on flight booking, whether domestic or international. This brings down the overall airfare, letting you fly to a destination of your choosing at a really low cost.

Cheap Flights on Popular Tourist Routes

A traveller typically searches for cheap air tickets to destinations he wishes to holiday in, and only when he finds an airfare that suits his budget does he go ahead with the rest of the plan. On Travel Suvidha you can find cheap air tickets from Delhi to Goa, more so in the summer and monsoon months. You can find flights at discounted rates from Mumbai to Kochi, Delhi to Srinagar, Bangalore to Jaipur, and even Delhi to Bagdogra. You will be able to find cheap flights from Kolkata to Port Blair, and even Guwahati for your holiday in the northeast. If you are planning a holiday with your family in the coming months and are looking to book cheap air tickets, go through offers on these routes that are some of the favourite of tourists. You can avail flat-rate discounts, off-season discounts, holiday deals and even long weekend offers on various routes across the country, letting you save on your flight booking.

Book Cheap Flights with Zero Convenience Fee & UPI Payment Offers

Once you shortlist a flight, before heading to the payment gateway you will be able to see a bunch of promo codes promoted to you at the end of the page. With codes like FLASH24, you can save up to INR 510 approximately per passenger which can be up to INR 1400 on payment with all cards as well as e-wallets. By entering the coupon code ZEROFEE too you can save a great deal on your flight booking as you are offered a cheap fare that does not include any convenience fee. The discount could be something to the tune of INR 3600, applicable on payment with all cards and e-wallets. By applying any of these methods you can land cheap flights to a destination of your choice, and save a lot on your flight booking.

Top ways of scoring Cheap Air Tickets on

One-way Ticket versus or two-way ticket to land Cheap Flights

It is better to opt for booking a one-way ticket instead of a round-trip one. While round-trip tickets are more convenient to manage, often you might come across discounts offered by airlines in a particular sector. This can bring down the overall cost of your ticket. But choose to close your booking about a couple of months ahead to draw maximum benefit.

Choose your class of travel carefully to bag Cheap Flight Tickets

You can find airfare discounts across classes. When entering passenger details you need to enter the preferred class of travel. The subsequent search page will give you the flights available for your dates and your class of travel whether First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy or Economy. It will give you the cheapest fares in a descending order for your specific search. Book the one cheapest and most convenient to you.

It is a no-brainer that by scoring cheap air tickets you can loosen the purse strings and plan a more elaborate itinerary. But getting cheap flight tickets might not be a walk in the park if you take your flight bookings for granted and plan to do it at a date closer to your day of journey. If you are on the lookout for cheap flight booking, you need to start early and sharpen your research skill, and what’s more, your flexibility to make an impromptu change in your travel date. In fact it takes more than research to book cheap flight tickets - you need equal doses of patience and flexibility. Below we have compiled a ready-reckoner on landing cheap flights fares. Below we have compiled a ready-reckoner on landing cheap flights fares.

11 steps to Bagging Cheap Flight Rates

1. Begin your Research at least 6 weeks ahead: Prior to booking your flight tickets, you need to duly do your research across airlines websites, aggregator sites, and flight search engines. When looking for cheap domestic flights, two months to a month and a half in advance is the ideal window to begin your cheap flight search. In case you are vying for cheap international flights, the window widens to about 24 weeks ahead of your date of journey. You need to hop on to the requisite flight sites and keep checking the fares regularly to pull out a pattern. Flight fares are different on different days of the week. The same holds true if you are looking for cheap flights to India.

2. Buy your ticket no less than 2 weeks of your date of journey: Once you are through with the legwork, make sure you close the booking. A lot of us tend to get carried away with the research process and postpone the actual booking of tickets to a date closer to the date of travel. You need to close your booking sometime between 2 and 4 weeks of your estimated departure date. This becomes more critical if you are travelling in the festive season, on a long weekend or a gazetted holiday because the airfares are going to spike up substantially. To land cheap international air tickets, for instance, you are looking for cheap flights to Canada, you need to have your flight tickets booked and confirmed at least three months ahead of your travel date.

3. Mid-week prices are always better than weekend prices: Airlines typically announce the sales on select routes on a Monday night with the idea that the aggregator sites will gear into action just at the beginning of the week. Latest by Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning competitor airlines try to match the prices or offer further discounts on the said route. So, in case you are looking for cheap air tickets domestic, pick a weekday or even a Saturday for travel. Make sure you avoid Fridays and weekends as demand for tickets on those days is relatively higher, leading to a subsequent hike in fares. To get cheap international flight tickets, for instance, you are searching cheap flights to London, flying on a weekday will turn out to be comparatively cheaper than flying on weekends.

4. Be open to a brief change in your date of travel: When looking up aggregator websites and flight engines for a cheap air ticket, do it across a four-day window. You might be pleasantly surprised to find a significant drop in the fare on the third or fourth day. And it would be a good idea to make your cheap air tickets online booking on the day of the most discounted flight fare.

5. Search for a red-eye flight: In your quest for cheap flights, you will have to forgo convenience and settle even for those flights which depart after 9 pm and bring you to your destination early morning. These red-eye flights are hardly the obvious choice of passengers and are hence marked down steeply in order to generate some interest. Most aggregator websites have a filter to select your preferred time of flying. By going for a red-eye flight you will realize the significant fare difference in the two kinds of flights. This is particularly true for international flights, in case you are have been researching cheap flights to Australia, you can travel to your desired destination on your chosen date at a much lower fare on a red-eye flight.

6. Always browse in incognito mode to get better fares: By going incognito you stop websites from planting cookies on your computer that further keeps a track of the number of times you are visiting a website. If you have been doing your groundwork on cheap domestic flight tickets and have been frequently visiting a few or aggregator sites on a daily basis, chances are you are going to be shown a hiked fare or even the same fare owing to your interest in them. And you might end up paying a higher price than you had bargained for in your search for cheap air flight tickets. So, instead of letting those cookies browse your data, hop on to the incognito mode and carry out a new search each time to get the latest fares. Another idea is to delete your cookies every time you browse just so that you don’t miss out on a good fare.

7. Compare fares on a low-cost airline with the aggregator sites: For cheap air tickets in India, aggregator websites are the best platform to do your research and compare the fare prices across airlines and across timings. When browsing aggregator sites, it is a good idea to look up the cheap airfare calendar for the subsequent 30 days to get a sense of the lowest airfare days in that month., for instance, has a particularly interesting tool, the Lowest Fare Finder Tool. This tool shows you the cheapest airfare days in a graphic view for the three subsequent months. For an international holiday, you can view the fares for the 11 subsequent months and accordingly settle for a date of journey. You can follow up this research by keeping a tab on the offerings by the low-budget airlines. They might just spring a surprise your way by coming up with an attractive fare that is significantly better than those on the aggregator sites.

8. Settle for a no-frills carrier: Often times the fares with low-cost airlines are considerably lower than a luxury or full board carrier. For cheap flight deals, forsake the comforts that one associates with air travel such as swish on-board amenities or food and wine, and settle for a low-budget airline that offers no-frills, and you have a deal in your hands. You can even go to the cheap flight's websites to mark down the economy carriers that come with no frills. However, you need to book this budget carrier at least a couple of weeks in advance, else even their fares might go up if you put it away until much later. For instance, if you are looking for cheap flights to the USA, you can look up low-cost carriers of the likes of JetBlue, Spirit, Frontier and Southwest. Those looking for cheap flights to Europe must try out Norwegian Air.

9. Subscribe to newsletters and price alerts: In order to book cheap flight tickets online, this can be a good hack. Every airline, fight search engine and aggregator site come up with a newsletter stating the deals and discounts they will be offering in the upcoming season. They also provide SMS and email alerts on a price drop on a specific route including providing promo codes to avail a cheap flight in the festive season or during a long weekend. Aggregator websites of the likes of tie-up with banks to give you cashback, EMI facility or discount on your return fare provided you use the coupon code and make the booking using the stipulated credit card. Most of these offers are valid for a limited period, and by subscribing to such price alerts or newsletters you can be abreast of the best price offered by an airline or agent.

10. Avoid buying a round trip air ticket: This is one of the greatest myths about air travel that buying a two-way fare fetches you a better price than buying a one-way ticket. In fact, you should always book your onward and return journeys separately, preferably on different airlines to bag the cheapest airfare deal. When you search aggregator websites, you will notice a trend emerging on how the onward and return journeys can cost significantly different across airlines. For instance, a Delhi to Kolkata aboard a SpiceJet can cost you INR 4500, but a Kolkata to Delhi aboard an IndiGo can cost you INR 3200. So, you need to be flexible about hopping airlines and picking up the best fares dished out by them for your date of journey.

11. Waiting until the last minute: In case you can afford to not make the trip, after all, it could pay to wait until the last hour. Airlines in order to fill up seats in an aircraft announce cheap air tickets offers such as last-minute sales which come with a significant drop in prices. The prices could well even be halved, and you can land a nifty cheap airfare deal. But this comes at the risk of the aircraft running to capacity and not having any seats left on the penultimate day of departure. So, in case your itinerary is an open-ended one, and you can change not taking the holiday at all, this could be a good approach to landing a cheap flight ticket.

Cheap Flight Tickets FAQs

Q). How early should I begin my search for cheap flight? A: It is a good idea to begin about 6 weeks in advance when you are searching for cheap domestic flights. Then you can factor in all the time required for research through various airline websites, flight search engines and also agent or aggregator sites. But if it is cheap international flights you are looking for, you had best begin around 24 weeks prior to your travel date. This will give you the leeway to understand fare patterns across flight websites, as fares keep fluctuating through the week, and once you identify a pattern, you will be able to zero in on a cheap flight rather easily.

Q). How can I get cheap last-minute flights on A: Study the Great deals and Offers on various airlines presented on Newsletters and price alerts are other sure-shot measures of getting a cheap last-minute flight. Don’t forget to follow the various budget airlines on social media to know their last-minute ticket sales or any discounts they come up with to fill the aircraft. Also, be flexible with the flight timings and you might bag the last-minute cheap air tickets you are looking for.

Q). Are red-eye Fights Cheaper? A: Red-eye flights any given day are cheaper. But you would have to forgo comfort and convenience when you decide to book one such flight. Typically, red-eye flights depart post 09:00 pm and drop you off at your destination by early morning, and so owing to their timings they are not the first preference of a majority of travellers. But the fares of red-eye flights are marked down so that there is some interest created around them, and passengers ultimately book them. Plenty of international destinations run red-eye flights with significantly lower fares.

Q). Can I get a Cheap Flight if I wait till the last minute? A: It is possible, but you would also run the risk of not being able to make the trip after all. But if that is a risk you are willing to take, it could be worth the wait till the last minute. Sometimes when a certain airline is not able to fill up its seats, it announces last-minute sales at marked down prices. It is possible that the prices are even halved, and you end up getting a really cheap flight deal. But there are several risks involved in such an arrangement, for instance, the aircraft might run to capacity and there are no vacant seats in the penultimate hour. So, if your itinerary is open-ended, then you can adapt this approach to bag a really cheap airfare.

Q). Which is Cheaper: One-Way Ticket or Round-Trip Ticket? A: If getting a cheap flight ticket is on your mind, then you can avoid buying a round-trip ticket. It is not true that two-way fares fetch you a better deal. But if you book your onward and return journeys separately, and even better if on different airlines, then you can expect to get a really cheap air ticket. On most aggregator sites, you can notice a trend of how onward and return trips can cost very different across airlines, and you can use it to your advantage by being flexible about changing airlines in order to land the cheapest flight deal.

Q). Are mid-week fares better than weekend fares? A: Mid-week fares are generally better than weekend fares, for airlines come up with flash sales on select routes on a Monday night. This to get agent or aggregator sites to quickly push sales at the start of the week. By Wednesday morning, the competitor airlines catch up by offering bigger sales or discounts on the given route. For cheap domestic airfares, a weekday or a Saturday are a good idea for travel. You need to avoid Fridays and Sundays as the ticket prices are quite high on these days of the week, as people prefer to travel more on these days.

Q). How to book cheap flight tickets online? A: Sift through various flight search engines and find the prices that best suit you. Else zero in on the cheap flight days and make your booking for that day. Another way is to go through the offering across the popular aggregator sites offering cheap flights. Do a compare of the price, the timings, and not to mention, the airline, and confirm your booking.

Q). How can I get cheap last-minute flights? A: Study the deals and discounts on various airlines. Newsletters and price alerts are other sure-shot measures of getting a cheap last-minute flight. Don’t forget to follow the various budget airlines on the social media to know their last minute ticket sales or any discounts they come up with to fill the aircraft. Also, be flexible with the flight timings and you might bag the cheap last-minute flight you are looking for.

Q). How do I get the cheapest flight? A: Study the deals and discounts on various airlines. Newsletters and price alerts are other sure-shot measures of getting a cheap last-minute flight. Don’t forget to follow the various budget airlines on the social media to know their last minute ticket sales or any discounts they come up with to fill the aircraft. Also, be flexible with the flight timings and you might bag the cheap last-minute flight you are looking for.

Q). What are the cheapest airlines? A: SpiceJet, IndiGo, GoAir are among the low-cost carriers in India.

Q). Which is the best site to book cheap flights? A: Cheap flight tickets can be bought directly off the airline’s website or through an aggregator website. It depends on how early you are making the booking, and whether or not you are using any promo code to avail an on-going discount. Travel Suvidha is known to offer cheap flights on both domestic and international front and comes up with deals and discounts across seasons.

Q). How can I book Cheap International airtickets? A: Firstly, For Booking International Airlines keep a tab on the flight search engines to know the prices being offered by them for your date of journey. Also, it is important to know the significance of your date of travel in case it coincides with a festival/carnival/holiday, etc. Look for discounts pertaining to those dates. Subscribe to the newsletters and price alerts by the top airlines flying to your chosen destination, and also be flexible about your flight timing, and you might just land a cheap international flight ticket. The aggregator sites are also a good place to look for offers and discounts on popular international flight routes.

Q). Is it cheaper to buy a flight ticket at the airport? A: No, it is not a good idea to pick up a ticket directly from the airport kiosk since the ticket prices will be higher than expected, and more importantly, may not be available for your said dates. A last-minute ticket is going to be particularly higher when booked at the airlines counter at the airport. Look at airports as a place to board and de-board from a flight, not a place to shop for cheap airline tickets.