Air India Express

IX | 769

16:15 Wed 26 Jun Jaipur
1 h 5 m time shape Non Stop
17:20 Wed 26 Jun Delhi

SG | 8938

16:45 Wed 26 Jun Delhi
2 h 5 m time shape Non Stop
18:50 Wed 26 Jun Pune
Air India

AI | 635

09:40 Thu 27 Jun Indore
6 h 25 m time shape 1 Stop via Delhi
16:05 Thu 27 Jun Bhopal

6E | 5163

05:40 Thu 27 Jun Jaipur
6 h 35 m time shape 1 Stop via Delhi
12:15 Thu 27 Jun Bangalore

6E | 7876

09:00 Thu 27 Jun Delhi
3 h 15 m time shape 1 Stop via Chennai
12:15 Thu 27 Jun Bangalore

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Top ways of scoring Cheap Air Tickets on

One-way Ticket versus or two-way ticket to land Cheap Flights

It is better to opt for booking a one-way ticket instead of a round-trip one. While round-trip tickets are more convenient to manage, often you might come across discounts offered by airlines in a particular sector. This can bring down the overall cost of your ticket. But choose to close your booking about a couple of months ahead to draw maximum benefit.

Choose your class of travel carefully to bag Cheap Flight Tickets

You can find airfare discounts across classes. When entering passenger details you need to enter the preferred class of travel. The subsequent search page will give you the flights available for your dates and your class of travel whether First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy or Economy. It will give you the cheapest fares in a descending order for your specific search. Book the one cheapest and most convenient to you.

It is a no-brainer that by scoring cheap air tickets you can loosen the purse strings and plan a more elaborate itinerary. But getting cheap flight tickets might not be a walk in the park if you take your flight bookings for granted and plan to do it at a date closer to your day of journey. If you are on the lookout for cheap flight booking, you need to start early and sharpen your research skill, and what’s more, your flexibility to make an impromptu change in your travel date. In fact it takes more than research to book cheap flight tickets - you need equal doses of patience and flexibility. Below we have compiled a ready-reckoner on landing cheap flights fares. Below we have compiled a ready-reckoner on landing cheap flights fares.

11 steps to Bagging Cheap Flight Rates

1. Book in Advance: Plan your trip ahead of time and book your flights well in advance. Airlines often offer lower fares for those who book their tickets early.

2. Be Flexible with Dates Stay flexible with your travel dates. Flying on weekdays or during off-peak hours can often result in cheaper airfares compared to weekends or peak travel times.

3. Set Price Alerts: Use the price alert feature on to monitor fare fluctuations for your desired route. You'll be notified when prices drop, allowing you to snag the best deals.

4. Compare Prices: Don't settle for the first fare you see. Compare prices across different airlines and travel websites to find the most affordable options

5. Consider Alternate Airports: Check for flights to nearby airports instead of your primary destination. Sometimes flying into a nearby city and taking ground transportation can be significantly cheaper.

6. Utilize Rewards Programs: If you're a frequent traveler, make the most of airline rewards programs or credit card rewards to earn points or miles that can be redeemed for discounted or free flights.

7. Look for Promo Codes and Deals: Keep an eye out for special promotions, discounts, and promo codes offered by airlines or travel agencies. These can often lead to substantial savings on airfare.

8. Opt for Budget Airlines: Consider flying with budget airlines, which often offer lower base fares and additional savings on amenities you may not need

9. Travel Off-Season: Traveling during off-peak seasons or shoulder seasons can result in significant savings on airfare, as demand is lower and airlines may offer discounted fares to fill seats.

10. Bundle Packages: Sometimes booking flights and accommodation together as part of a package deal can lead to overall savings compared to booking them separatel

11. Waiting until the last minute: In case you can afford to not make the trip, after all, it could pay to wait until the last hour. Airlines in order to fill up seats in an aircraft announce cheap air tickets offers such as last-minute sales which come with a significant drop in prices. The prices could well even be halved, and you can land a nifty cheap airfare deal. But this comes at the risk of the aircraft running to capacity and not having any seats left on the penultimate day of departure. So, in case your itinerary is an open-ended one, and you can change not taking the holiday at all, this could be a good approach to landing a cheap flight ticket.

Cheap Flight Tickets FAQs

Q). How can I find cheap flight tickets? A: You can find cheap flight tickets by booking in advance, being flexible with your travel dates, comparing prices across different airlines and travel websites, signing up for price alerts, and taking advantage of special promotions and discounts.

Q). When is the best time to book cheap flight tickets? A: The best time to book cheap flight tickets is generally several weeks to months in advance of your travel date. Prices tend to be lower when booking early, especially for popular routes and peak travel times.

Q). Are last-minute flight deals available? A: Last-minute flight deals can sometimes be found, especially if airlines are looking to fill empty seats. However, these deals are often unpredictable and may not always offer the best prices.

Q). What are budget airlines? A: Budget airlines are carriers that offer lower base fares by providing fewer amenities and services compared to full-service airlines. Examples of budget airlines include Indigo Airline, Spicejet Airline, and AirAsia Airline

Q). How can I save money on flights during peak travel seasons? A: To save money on flights during peak travel seasons, consider being flexible with your travel dates, booking well in advance, utilizing rewards programs, comparing prices across different airlines, and considering alternate airports.

Q). Can I get discounts on flights for being a student, senior citizen, or member of the military? A: Some airlines offer discounts for students, senior citizens, and members of the military. It's best to check with individual airlines or travel agencies to see if such discounts are available and what the eligibility criteria are.

Q). Are there any hidden fees I should be aware of when booking cheap flights? A: When booking cheap flights, be aware of potential hidden fees such as charges for checked baggage, seat selection, in-flight meals, and itinerary changes. Read the terms and conditions carefully before booking to avoid any surprises.

Q). Can I cancel or change my cheap flight ticket? A: The ability to cancel or change a cheap flight ticket depends on the airline's fare rules and policies. Some tickets may be non-refundable or have strict change fees, while others may offer more flexibility for a higher price. It's essential to review the fare rules before booking.

Q). What are red-eye flights, and are they cheaper? A: Red-eye flights are overnight flights that typically depart late at night and arrive early in the morning. These flights can sometimes be cheaper due to lower demand, but they may not be suitable for everyone due to the timing

Q). What are the cheapest airlines? A: SpiceJet, IndiGo, GoAir are among the low-cost carriers in India.

Q). Are package deals a good way to save money on flights and accommodation? A: Package deals that combine flights and accommodation can sometimes offer savings compared to booking them separately. However, it's essential to compare prices and consider your specific travel needs before booking to ensure you're getting the best value.

Q). How can I book Cheap International airtickets? A: Firstly, For Booking International Airlines keep a tab on the flight search engines to know the prices being offered by them for your date of journey. Also, it is important to know the significance of your date of travel in case it coincides with a festival/carnival/holiday, etc. Look for discounts pertaining to those dates. Subscribe to the newsletters and price alerts by the top airlines flying to your chosen destination, and also be flexible about your flight timing, and you might just land a cheap international flight ticket. The aggregator sites are also a good place to look for offers and discounts on popular international flight routes.

Q). Is it cheaper to buy a flight ticket at the airport? A: No, it is not a good idea to pick up a ticket directly from the airport kiosk since the ticket prices will be higher than expected, and more importantly, may not be available for your said dates. A last-minute ticket is going to be particularly higher when booked at the airlines counter at the airport. Look at airports as a place to board and de-board from a flight, not a place to shop for cheap airline tickets.